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Global Soft Flap Barriers

The Flap Barriers are used for automatic human access control, installed in areas such as railway platforms, passenger terminals, ferry terminals, airport terminals, checkpoints, factories, amusement parks and stadiums.

They can be installed with ticketing systems and card readers to ensure quick and automatic clearance.


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The drive system incorporates a AC motor drive with braking function. Power to the motor is cut-off during inactive state, thus saving power consumption and prevent overheating. Electromagnetic brake will lock flaps in the close or open position. Auto release of flap into open position can be configured in the event of power failure or it can be remained in closed position.

Using our design micro-controller we are able to customize the control software to suit various applications like RS232C command to open and close and report Flap Barrier status via RS232C interface. Additional beam sensors can be added for tailgating control (optional). Housing customized for card readers, access controls, LED panels, ticket collector, etc. Materials available are SS316, SS304 and the EG Plate powder coated.

Technical Specifications

Electrical :
Input Voltage : 230V, 50Hz

Rated Current:
1 lane configuration
Typical : 0.5A
Inrush : 2.0A

Mechanical :
Open/Close time: <0.5 Sec
Interface :
I/O inputs/outputs

Housing: IP55 Protection
Photo Electric Beams installed
standard for all models


Global Soft Tripod Barriers

Global Soft tripod barriers are the ideal solution for a quick singling out of people and for access control. They can be installed nearby the guard, e. g. at stadias, leisure centers, banks or in public transit areas. Various locking aggregates allow foran adaptation to different needs. They can be combined with all type of card readers or ticketing machines and are suitable for outside installation.


Stainless steel satin finish (grit 320)

Control possibilities
According to the aggregates’ type, various numbers of inputs and outputs with corresponding functionality are possible.

For servo positioning drive: various adjustment possibilities via PC or manual programming device, e. g. speed (Vmin, Vmax), time out, etc.

Access side


- inwards right (variant A)
- inwards left (variant B)
Type 0:
Mechanical, one direction free, opposite direction blocked
Type 1.1:
One direction controlled, opposite direction blocked
Type 1.2:
Two directions controlled
Type 2:
Two direction controlled with servo positioning drive
Drive Automatic folding down

Motor positioning drive:
After a release and a manual push, the tripod barrier turns automatically by 120°. A silent (smooth) running and a longtime life are guaranteed. Door also opens under load.

Standard: fixed crossbars
Folding (type 1.1, 1.2 and 2) to get free passage for groups or material transports, the crossbars can be folded down by using the release button. The resetting is effected manually.

Type 2:
A Kaba Gallenschütz patent pending system allows for an automatic resetting of the folded down crossbar.

In the event of power failure When power is restored
If crossbars are foldable, the upper crossbar collapses. If crossbar is folded down, it must be replaced manually. Type 2 resets automatically.
Safety devices  
For all locking aggregates not necessary.  

Download e-brochure
[Tripod Barriers Brochure]

Download e-brochure

Download e-brochure

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