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Starting from year 1997, Global Soft Group has involve itself into Leisure and Entertainment industry, specializing in Theme Parks and Zoo with our e-Ticketing System, a management solution software which enable park owner gather fast, accurate and processed information that help them in their operation and business decision making.

In Malaysia, we are the solution provider for National Zoo (Zoo Negara), Zoo Taiping, A Famosa, Bukit Merah, Ripley’s Believe it or not ect. Internationally, we work with Pantai Cermin Resort Indonesia, Forbidden City Beijing, Happy Valley Theme Parks, the biggest theme park at North China; Chime Long Paradise Theme Park, the biggest theme park at South China, etc.

Throughout the years, we have been working closely with our Theme Park & amusement park operators. Therefore, we understand the industry ultimate needs and internal operation well. We know how to assist Parks to gain better visitors satisfaction and generate higher revenue.

Thus, in Year 2007, GS Group decided to diversify its business into a more comprehensive and challenging field, which is Park Management. Besides providing our software systems, now we are also the service provider for all the Theme Parks and Zoos for better management system.

The main tasks for the Park Management Division are:

  1. Study and determine the park’s overall business plan, describing the core goals and strategies of the business, that’s helpful for fund raising and long term business successes.

  2. Planning and implementing strategies for start-up or existing operations, to reduce its setting up and operational cost while getting the parks running on the right track for its operation.

  3. Be the interaction platform for Theme Parks and Zoos with parks from other country, exchanging ideas and knowledge about park management, which contributed to more effective and efficient management system.

Our advantages:

  1. We own a mature and flexible software system that could suit different Parks need. The software helps park owner establish an effective operational flow and structures when start running the business. The system also provide a huge data pool enabling the owner to generate strong and sufficient information for its current and future planning.

  2. We have groups of expertise consist of park owners. They are on the ground for years. Therefore our professional consultants can provide parks owner first hand market information and necessary guidance on constant improvement on its park management.

  3. We are living in a competitive world. To be outstanding, we need team work instead of fighting for survival alone. Our network at Theme Parks and Zoo industries allowing us for knowledge interchanges, and most importantly the synergy in marketing strategies that involve lesser cost but higher impact to the Parks.


We are experts in management solution software, having wide network coverage either in Malaysia or internationally. We have professional consultant that could provide local knowledge as well as international perspective that could help in current or future business expansion.

Let’s work together to make Park Management a fun job, a job that bring fun to the society.

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