Berjaya Times Square Cosmo’s World Theme Park is the largest indoor theme park in South East Asia which takes up to 450,000 sq feet. There are multiple amusement rides and one of which would be the roller coaster that is the longest in Malaysia measuring approximately 800 meters.

As they are having high forecast of visitors, our global e-ticketing system is helping them to manage on their ticket prices and categories by weekday, weekend, school holiday or public holiday sales etc. Besides that, another very important feature they are using our agency management system to manage all the travel agencies that bring visitors to their theme park and able to keep track of the tickets sold to them. All activities of the travel agencies will be recorded including the credit given and there will be alert alarm sent to specific personnel when the travel agency has already over limit of credit purchases. All these function will enable the management to have ease of management and easy tracking purpose.

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is a major resort project located within the Northern Region of Perak. Covering 1650 acres of land area with an additional 7000-acre lake, Bukit Merah Laketown has been opened to the public since early 1997. Today, the attractions would include Laketown Water Park, Chairlift, Orang Utan Island, Skycycle and Ecopark. The manual way of selling ticket is done via decentralized ticket counters. The entries to the individual parks are also manually controlled. This method makes control to entry into the correct park quite hard as all the information would have to be manually reconciled and in terms of security, it is open to both internal and external fraud.

In order to overcome these issues, GSGET with an automated ticketing system actually helps to restrict the entrance of non-authorized visitors to different zones. The management has even come out with a combo ticket promotion which our system would allow the flexibility to have a ticket validity to last for 3 days but limiting the ticket holder (visitor) to only enter one specific park per entry. Besides that, functions such as event management or agency management are also used to improve the operation of resort.

Pantai Cermin Resort is the first theme park in Medan, Indonesia. The theme park is implemented of GSGET system, GSGEP system, facility rental system, SMS functionalities and E–credit system. With using Global Soft system, we are providing a turn key solution which all the facilities that involve in a theme park will be taken care of and information is tracked for reporting purpose as well. All food and beverages or merchandised can be handled through our system and all water tubes are tracked by using rental system. Sales reports are sent at specific time period to the management staff of Pantai Cermin Resort. Visitors of this resort can also enjoy all the facilities and rides without having to carry any cash as Pantai Cermin is using GET’s e-credit system where all money can be credited to their wristband for spending usage. Besides, Pantai Cermin Resort is a resort by the seaside and they have been using our system since year 2005, this has already proven the reliability of using our turnstile at very heavy-duty environment.

Lost World of Tambun is the first water theme park in Tambun, Ipoh. Being the first water theme park in the area, they have been using global e-ticketing system to handle all the ticket-selling operations and also their system will be able to print discount voucher tickets for road shows or events to excite sales. They are also using our event management system to have effective ticketing system when events like concerts or family days held in their theme park.

Sunway Pyramid Ice the well-known ice skating rink in Malaysia. Pyramid Ice is implemented of our GSGET system and Pyramid Ice skating school system. With the system used, they can track and schedule all the skating classes’ time, students and coaches systematically and also calculate commission for the coaches. Shoes rental system is also implemented to help keep track of the rental collection for skating shoes. All staffs that enter into the skating area are also tracked by the system.

Zoo Taiping and Night Safari is the first park in the country contains over 1300 exotic animals. Zoo Taiping and Night Safari implemented global e-ticketing system (GS-GET) to manage their ticketing selling system that is classified into few categories which is zoo, night safari and also tram services. Each category has different ticket selling and operations such as tram services only sells and prints receipt as a proof to access to the tram but zoo and safari will be printing bar-code tickets as access proof. This can help the management able to have a clear picture of the business and know what policies to implement to improve business.

Zoo Negara is our latest zoo project after implementing Zoo Taiping. It is Malaysia’s national zoo that implements GS-GET to have a more effective and efficient ticket selling and access control system. In order to promote more sales, system is able to print out pre-sales ticket for their sales team to bring out of zoo to promote and visitors are able to bring the tickets to zoo to exchange for wristband within certain period of time.

Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP) is a Hot Spring resort located in Sungkai, Perak. TRAP is set within 6.5 acres of unique and unspoiled beauty. TRAP currently is under implementation of GSGET system and GSGEP system. With these systems, they are able to track all the transaction of ticket-selling and also food and beverages in the park with a systematic and effectual way at the same time avoiding fraud problem to occur.

Only World Group is the operator of Malaysia’s Largest Water Theme Park Chain. The chain consists of Wet World Shah Alam, Wet World Air Panas Pedas, Wet World Batu Pahat and the Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort. Beside that The Only World Group also one of the major operator of First World Plaza of Genting Highlands, which consist of 16 outlets and 2 one of the most attractive amusement park in the world, i.e. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and Hunted Adventure. The group’s theme parks are handled by using Global Soft Global E-Ticketing System for easy handling purpose as they are able to get report at the same format and all the operations will be standardize. The system for all the theme parks under this group will be printing transaction and sales details for the day during close shift process. They are also using our GEP system for all their food and beverages counters and merchandize counters. Places at wet world will also be using our system to track the tube rental system.

Another very special point is the clinic and easy store which is operated 24 hours in Genting Highland under this group is also using our system for operation. This shows that our system is proven for heavy duty usage and reliability. All the reports from different places will be sent to their headquarters in Shah Alam everyday and the sales reports are sent to management’s mobile through SMS feature. Functions like agency management system; event management system is also helping the theme park to faster and eases their process of managing travel agencies transactions and events such as corporate family days.

A’Famosa Resort is touted as a one-stop destination for business and pleasure, located at a strategic location which is half an hour’s drive from historic Malacca City. Offering few parks with different theme like animal world safari, cowboy town and water world theme park, Global E-Ticketing system has offered a total solution of assuring the correct people or ticket purchased to enter to the correct theme park and even at the correct time. As A’Famosa’s 4D theatre also uses Global E-Ticketing system, they are able to set the show time, seat bookings and sell tickets of the shows by using the system and yet able to control the time of the visitors that suppose to enter the theatre. For freelancers like taxi drivers that bring visitors to the theme park, the system is able to calculate the commission to be given to the freelancer and all these transactions can be done at the ticket counter itself with proper authorization settings. Any event of peak season or unforeseen circumstances where extra entrance should be allowed and still keeping track of the records, our system provides them the option of having manual scanning of wristbands and all records will be updated into the server as reporting purpose.

Melaka River Pirate Park is a new attraction spot in Melaka Town. It is located at riverside of Melaka and by the view of this new “Venice of the East”, visitors are able to enjoy the whole view of Melaka by boarding the Ferris Wheel (Eye on Melaka). The park also has rides such as pirate ships and trampoline Bungee for people that are interested to try bungee jumping.

By using GS-GET, all their tickets sold are tracked systematically and all records are tracked by the system real-time. The management is able to view the reports and know the sales activity anytime they want to.

Panorama Langkawi, Cable Car covers a total distance of only 2.2 km linking the Base Station at the foothill of Machinchang to the overruling height of the Top Station which gives a commanding view of Langkawi from the western sea cost. The Cable Car system with its coherent concept and masterplan of Gunung Machinchang has united all the attractive features to attract tourists from all over the world.

The system helps panorama cable car to have a better tracking of the entrance and exit of their visitors. They are able to ensure that all their visitors have already gone out from their facilities before closing down for the day. The membership module also helps them to keep track of their membership purchase habitual and preferences.

Abedeen Resort is a new development site in Kepala Batas, Penang that comprises of 3, 4 and 5 stars rating hotels with a water theme park within. The total project development is valued at RM 150 million and is expected to be completed and open to public by this year end. Global Soft will provide its ticketing software, Global Soft™ Global e-Ticketing (GS-GET) to manage the ticketing system for Abedeen Resort.

The ticketing software system will also include E-credit features, whereby the water park visitors are able to load a pre-defined value of credit (money) into their RFID wristband. This provides a cashless system for the water park and visitors can conveniently move freely around without carrying any cash.

Taman Tamadun Islam , located in Kuala Terengganu is world’s first Windows on Islam. 'Taman Tamadun Islam' is an interactive journey of Islamic monuments of the world. It is an entertainment and educational destination. The site is a concept plan for educational and entertainment precincts, which include lagoons, a convention center, Islamic gardens of the world, an educational theme park, wetlands and environmental reserves, and Islamic architectural images from all corners of the world.

Implementation of GS-GET:

– By using the system, all visitors has to wear a wristband that has unique barcode on it and scan it on the turnstile in order to gain access to the attraction park.

– The tickets sold are categorized into different types and packages and the front end screen display different type of tickets for sold on different day/month.

The Eye on Malaysia , the largest portable ‘observation wheel’ in the world, was unveiled by the Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia on 6 January 2006 in conjunction with the grand launch of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 celebration.

This giant ferris wheel allows visitors to experience a 360-degree panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur during a 12-minute ride that goes 60 metres high. It offers a magnificent view of Kuala Lumpur and over 20 kilometres of its surroundings including KL Tower, Istana Budaya and Petronas Twin Towers.

Eye On Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. now has been relocated to Malacca state. Due to the difficulty of getting support from previous ticket system suppliers, they changed to use GS GET. GS GET providing the applications for ticket sales, complimentary ticket control, agency ticket management and also did an integration with their existing wireless barcode scanner for admission verification.


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