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Being the pioneer of ticketing solution for the leisure & entertainment industry, we have provided and supported most of the biggest theme parks, water parks, and zoos in Malaysia and even expanded our services overseas.

Global Soft™ ticketing systems are customized designed for the leisure & entertainment industry businesses. It is the first software in this region developed for this purpose. Past experiences of deployments to all theme parks has shown the level of powerful and returned value of this software.

In order to provide an all-rounded solution to this industry, the Fast Ticketing Software was created to cater for the smaller scales of attraction spots such as parks or museums to let them have more systematic ticket selling.

Fast Ticketing is built based on the requirements and needs for a theme park which specializes in real time ticket selling and information. It is able to work not only as a Point-of-sales, but also the precise tool to control the tickets and admission regardless of the size of park.

Fast G.E.T also has the ability to grow together with your business. If your business scale has grown to accommodate to a larger capacity and wish to incorporate more features such as admission controlling or other park management features, our system is able to provide the up scaling of your system.


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System Features

Ticket Selling Management
Package & Promotion Management
  • Parks are able to have various types of tickets on sold according to the tickets that they’ve created and set earlier. Types of ticket or prices can be edited as needed by management level users.

  • The system also allows the park to schedule their sales. This is useful as the park is able to have different ticket prices or packages on weekdays, weekends, school holidays or public holidays. The ticket counter will only show the tickets that are available for the day as per setting by the management user at the operation office.

  • In order to have more accurate and effective business decisions, the system also enables its users to track their visitors’ information according to nationality or other specific inputs that has been set earlier.

  • All tickets cancellation or refunds are tracked properly by the system.

  • Ticket design parameters are customizable for the park to make any amendments whenever they need to without having to rely on other parties.

  • For a park, it is very common and popular to have ticket packages such as family package or school packages etc to attract more visitors to the park. With Fast G.E.T, the packages are tracked properly and the sales counter will be able to sell the packages to the visitor at ease.

  • To promote and bring up the popularity of a park, Fast G.E.T also allows the park to have voucher and helps to track the usage and status of the voucher systematically.

  • With organized system to handle the all promotions properly, profits are to be ensured to the maximized level.

Offline Backup Function System Tracking and Management Report
  • In the operation of a theme park, ticket selling is the most vital role and in the event of power supply breakdown, normal POS will not be able to operate anymore.

  • In order to let theme parks’ operation go smoothly regardless of the power supply breakdown problem and yet tracking the sales accurately, the system enables business users to pre-print tickets to standby for such circumstances.

  • The pre-printed tickets will be sold during the power failure period and when the power is resumed, users can key in the series of pre-printed ticket numbers so that the system is able to track the sales correctly.

  • System offers more than 20 types of reports from different aspects for management to have a better view of the business activities and have better plans to grow the business.

  • The management of park is able to have a view of comparison of sales by monthly, quarterly or yearly which is very useful to have a clear grasp of the business condition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why Fast G.E.T?
    Fast G.E.T is the system that enables ticket selling and reports with real-time information. It provides a turnkey solution to cater for the needs and requirements of the leisure & entertainment industry on ticketing solution at the most affordable cost.

  2. What is the difference of POS and Fast G.E.T?
    A normal POS (Point of sale) system is normally meant for retail businesses and is not able to cater for specific of needs for ticketing sales for parks or museums etc. Fast G.E.T offers a turnkey ticketing package at a competitive pricing but yet effectively to bring highest return of profit for this industry.

  3. Is the software upgradeable/scalable?
    Fast G.E.T is definitely upgradeable and able to do upgrading according to your business needs as our aim is to grow together with our customers. The system will be scalable to cater to your larger needs in future as your park grows.

  4. What does the system do during system down due to power failure or other circumstances? Will the records of reports still be accurate?
    The Fast G.E.T is able to ensure that ticket selling operations are not affected and yet able to capture the correct information of sales into the record.

  5. What are the benefits of using Fast G.E.T?
    - Tickets are categories and sold by computerized system. Only the correct tickets or packages can be sold on the specified days.

    - This ensures that no human fraud or error happens and all tickets transactions are recorded by the system real time for better tracking purposes.

    - Hence, this ensures that revenue is maximized and park owners will have a better view of the sales return of the business.

    - Information is gold for today’s business. By using Fast G.E.T, sufficient and accurate real-time information is secured and management will be able to execute strategic marketing decisions to grow the business.

    - Ensuring better management in financing and security of ticket selling.

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