Global Soft™ is interested in forming alliances and business partnerships with those who share similar business sights and values with us. Global Soft™’s Business Partner Programme gives you more opportunities to grow your business. As a registered and authorized Global Soft™ representative and dealer, we provide you the tools and business environment to increase sales, drive down costs and increase revenue. This is the level of commitment we would like to extend to you to as our value-added partners.

Our partners benefit from a range of exclusive support and services. We offer various opportunities for partnership depending on:

  • your company's market presence;
  • your product and service offering;
  • your growth strategy; and
  • your level of commitment.

Partner Categories
There are four categories of partner:

  • Referral (Recommenders)
    Independent industry professionals whose business activities allow them to identify potential new Global Soft’s customers. Referrals are rewarded for leads passed to the Global Soft™ sales channel which are successfully close. Referrals do not carry a quota and do not have the same obligations as other Global Soft™ partners.
  • Dealers/Collaborative Partner
    Independent companies whose software complement our own system architecture and functionality. The relationship provides exposure to existing clients, prospects and distribution channels. Each company remains fully independent in the sales and support of their own products.
  • Global Soft’s Accredited Implementation Partner
    Consulting organizations who are certified to implement Global Soft but not to sell Global Soft’s products. Those companies complement Global Soft by providing specialist skills and services to our customers with a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Global Soft’s Accredited Solution Partner
    Resellers who offer the full range of Global Soft products and services. They are engaged in selling, implementing and supporting Global Soft. The relationship could be on a local or regional basis depending on the size of the company and their geographical presence. These companies have realized the advantages of being able to offer a complete and high quality solution for their customers.
Kindly contact Marketing for our Business Partner Programme.

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