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Global e Point-of-Sales (GEP) system is a solution that automates daily sales transactions, track customers, provide an integrated web storefront as well as provide a real-time balance sheet and profit & loss statement at days end.

GEP keeps track of information back to the database for stocking purposes. GEP on the front end allows users to void and skim transaction.

The hardware requirements for GEP system are minimal and utilize individual components such as touch screen display, barcode scanners, receipts printer, computer cash registers and cash drawer systems to operate as a point of sales operations.

GEP system was developed on Microsoft Window platform. The operating system required is MS Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 server whereas the database utilized is MS SQL 2000.

GEP system runs on a network which would allow a on-line real time information on the operations from the number of visitors to the point of sales at any one point in time.

GEP system integrates well with the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) from the manufacturing factory to the warehouse before proceeding to the distribution outlets. This system provides flexibility to meet the requirements of chain shops and also able to perform on a standalone basis.


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GS-GEP Front End
GEP front end offers different types of payment mode such as:

Cash Customers
Cash / Gift Voucher
  • GEP system can accept almost all type of credit card payments

  • Customers can choose to pay with cash or present a valid gift voucher.

  • With the back end control, GEP system also provides:

    • Staff purchase discounts
    • Special discounts
    • Membership discounts

Application Features

Front End POS System
Back End POS System
  • Provides Base Pack for Retail outlets and Food & Beverages line

  • Auto update to stock database when an item's barcode is scanned

  • Variety of payment mode available

  • Sales price list control
  • POS master file setup
  • Barcode printing module
  • Inventory monitoring system
  • System security control
  • Import/export data utilities
  • POS consolidated system control
  • Sales consolidated report
  • Wide area inventory control system
Variety System Integration Wireless / Mobile Terminals
  • It integrates with other system such as ERP, inventory, supply chain management and accounting system

  • Handled devices that provides user with the facilities to reconcile the computer stock with the physical stock

Proactive Email Alert System
  • The system will have variety of criteria the users wants to be alerted on proactively, such as:
    1. Stock running low (safety stock, min. stock, etc)
    2. Overdue sales order, delivery order, invoice
    3. Late payment from customers
    4. Credit control alert
    5. Cash flow running low
    6. Overdue work order
    7. Planner to receive suggest-to-buy / suggest-to-make
    8. etc
  • The system will keep a database of emails and criteria that are to be matched
  • The system will also allow emails to be personalized against the criteria

Short Messaging System (SMS) in the global Interactive system
This is an interactive program that enables the users to use SMS to retrieve information or to trigger any preset action. The system is able to run back-end and it does not interrupt the main system. Internal information is vital for retrieval for users who are on the move most of the time. Information that are available such like:

  1. On hand stock at specified location
  2. Stock booking for customer
  3. Total daily, weekly, or monthly sales
  4. Credit limit, term, aging checking

By using this system, task can be carried out while users are away from server. Task can be triggered to be done by the system using SMS are such like:

  1. Approval of quotation, sales order or purchase order
  2. Stock booking
  3. Customer registrations

This system is applicable, if the telco services are available in that location or country.

Customer Loyalty System

  • GEP Card membership system allows you to create and maintain membership cards and even employee cards

  • Information of the membership or employee can be electronically stored into the card, thus allowing for easy validation of card usage

  • Lost or stolen card can also be traced more easily thus preventing fraudulent cards from being used

  • GEP system also caters for renewal of membership and replacement of lost cards other additional features includes:

    • A system that provides Bonus Point Collection & Membership Card Printing
    • Able to print management analysis report
    • Contains Ac Hoc Inquiry Screen
    • The Front End System will be able to view the points awarded and redeemable points
    • Customizations are required for special term and conditions for each prospects

Access Control Module

  • GEP system Access Control Module limits the flowing access control to:

      • Access level is limited to cashier, supervisors and managers
      • It assigns users to have access to certain modules in the front end system
      • It assigns users to have access to certain programs in the back end system
      • The "Log Viewer" function, monitors the user's login/logout and also activities done by each user.


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