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Global Soft™ Global e-Ticketing System (GS-GET) is a solution that provides point of sale ticketing systems for the leisure and entertainment industry, which requires sales of tickets. GS-GET is the first software designed in this region that is catered for this industry. GS-GET is a powerful and affordable ticketing system that can be deployed in places such as the amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, museums and the zoos. We provide sales, service, and support for point of sale and ticketing systems.

We are please to say that we have successfully implemented this system to the some of the large and well-known theme parks in Malaysia. More organi zations managing the theme parks are looking into imple menting GS-GET as its benefits are boundless and it brings great value to the business by helping you cut cost, streamlining operations, improve management efficiency and increasing revenues.

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System Features

Ticketing Selling Management
  • Various types of ticket sales are available, such as Agent Ticket Sales, Membership Entry, Pre-sold tickets, Discount Cardholders and Special Passes.

  • System also offers different payment modes such as credit customers, debit customers, cash customers, cash, gift vouchers or even issuing free entrance for VIP.

  • Automated ticket printing (card, tickets or wristbands) which has a barcode label encoded with unique pin to identify its validity. Each visitor is required to wear the wristbands to gain access entry.

  • The system allows the park staffs and management as well as their visitors to have the visitor entrance information. All ticket counters are able to view the number of visitors in and out of the parks for the day as well as the type of visitors. This is to have better park management in terms of crowd and customer satisfaction.

  • Visitors are allowed to top up for the ticket purchased if they have bought the wrong ticket type previously, Sales records will be tracked appropriately.

  • The system offers a feature that allows group entries into the park. A very useful feature for group tours especially for agencies tours whereby one wristband scanned allows for multiple entries and this will increase the speed of visitors into the park.

  • Theme parks are able to design the wristband and do customization whenever they want to whenever they need.

  • The system allows foreign currency transaction and is able to calculate the payment according to currency rates that are set at the back end and offers the option of payment by multiple currencies as well.

Management & Analysis Report
Turnstile & Other Barrier Options
  • GS-GET has real time inquiry function to allow the
    management to access to the accurate information they require anytime.

  • The system offers up to 200 types of standard built in reports like sales reports, (daily, monthly or yearly), total numbers of visitors (daily, monthly, yearly),points of sales report, membership report, event order report, management report and turnstile report.

  • System also allows its users to view reports in graphs to have better view of the information and easier to do planning and make management decisions for better sales & marketing strategies.

  • Turnstile is a device to count persons, block at least one passage direction or to control automatically the access in.

  • The system normally intergrates with tripod turnstile, full height turnstile, flat barrier or manual ticket reader.

Entrance Control Management Remote Reporting
  • GS-GET is able to keep track the entry and exit to the park. The system shall only grant the entry base on validity setup. It also keeps track of the individual ticket sold and has not entered the park.

  • The turnstiles with barcodes scanner will be placed at entry and exit points to scan the wristbands, tickets, membership cards or identification cards.

  • It also serves as an access control as it is able to validate tickets, count persons, block any expired or used wristbands from gaining entry.

  • The system is capable of to archiving and sending reports through SMS or email systems.

  • The SMS (Short Message System) reporting allows the management to get sales data report through SMS at a certain frequent interval to be determined according to the need from time to time.

  • The email system will be having the same concept as SMS system whereby the management will able to get sales data report through the predefine email account.

  • The system also allows users to view reports on web based. Specified users (management level users) will be able to access to the reports through web browser and make strategic decisions remotely anytime.

Business Intelligence Reporting Agency Management
  • GS-GET is able to offer the integration of Business Intelligence for business users that requires easy-to-use information in the fastest way for them to have the view of analyzed information readily whenever they need.

  • All information are just merely clicks away and business strategies are supported with effective BI reports which includes dynamic business score cards, analysis and other reporting tools.

  • To register and manage travel agencies, bus/ taxi
    drivers, freelance tour guide that brings the visitors to the park.

  • Able to manage the agencies account, commission systems and credit / debit facility systems.

  • It also has the feature of auto calculating commission/discount for each individual travel agencies/ freelancers The system allows the management to have a better view of the credit limit activity report to have better view and tracking of the financial health status.

Event & Functional Management Membership Management
  • This module is to manage and pre-arrange the event by group visitors. It is a special function to help the park’s marketing department to package and promote for corporate function or group function.

  • All the events are linked with the agencies/company accounts in the system for easy tracking purpose and this information are stored so that they can be invited to host more events or propose better marketing proposals to cater to their need.

  • The system allows users to view the whole month event by the event calendar to let management make planning orhave a better view of the events that has confirmed so that no clashing of events will happen.

  • It is also to let the planner to have a better manage of driving more events sales if the calendar is shown low activity.

  • GS-GET Membership system allows you to create and maintain membership information, cards and even employee cards real time.

  • The system stores the members’ data and it can be used for marketing purpose and CRM. It also stores information of the member with their photo to be captured in detail. With the information in the database, the marketing team of the park can send emails or SMS to the members for any promotion campaigns.

  • The membership system has a Loyalty Point Accumulation system for members to promote members spending and also tracking members habitual spending.

E-Credit System Self-Purchase Ticketing
  • E-credit is a system which allows visitors to load pre-paid amount into their ticket. With this ashless environment, the visitors are encouraged to spend more because it is more convenient as they do not have to carry cash around with them.

  • Visitors would simply need to present their ticket while making purchases and the GS-GET system would automatically deduct from the pre-paid amount.

  • Refund is available for whatever credits that has not been utilized.

  • Online Ticketing
    Theme park visitors will be able to view the ticket
    types or packages online and make payment. Upon payment successful, they will be able to print out a receipt coupon and tickets can be redeemed from the counter by showing the receipt coupon.

  • Kiosk Ticketing
    To provide more options to theme park visitors to do self-purchase and able to ease the pressure of counter sales during peak season, self-ticketing kiosks can be placed at specific areas and tickets can be purchased and printed automatically from the kiosk.

  • Mobile Ticketing
    To cater to the tremendous increasing usage of mobile phones nowadays, this is also another type of media to let theme parks offer their tickets or packages to the public. People who are interested are able to buy tickets through mobile and then redeem their ticket at the counter by showing the receipt coupon. This can be offered through certain service providers.

Virtual Queue Instant Photo
  • A concept of “making the most out of your time” in a theme park using an intelligent queuing system.

  • Able to estimate the time that a visitor needs to wait for their rides’ turn and notifies the visitor to come back at that time for the particular ride. This creates less line on the spot and gives more opportunity for visitors to make full use of their time in the theme park and at the same time encourages more sales on the merchandize and
    F&B spots in the park.

  • Theme parks normally have the service of helping the visitors to take photo either during the ride or with mascots.

  • Now with this new technology, enjoy the convenience of photo capturing either wired or wireless for the visitors and record are keep track by scanning the barcode of the visitor’s wristband.

  • The visitors can then collect their photos by verifying the barcode at the photo collection counter or by self-service kiosk in the park.

  • This service is also able to integrate with our e-credit system whereby visitors are able to make payment for their photos on the spot by deducting the credi in their wristbands/tickets.

Facility Rental System Offline Mode
  • Facility Rental System helps the park operators to monitor the rental of the facilities in their park, like tubes, locker, water sport and etc.

  • The system also allows refunding the deposit when the visitors return the facility. The system also helps the operator to monitor the quantity of tubes, tube rental sales and tube return.

  • Automatically triggers for in any case of “network down” or power failure events. This secures the on going business operations so it would not get interrupted by any unpredictable circumstances.

Auto Data Backup & Transaction Purge Remote-Access
  • Selection by user to ensure that data amount is at a healthy level and will accelerate the transaction speed.

  • By using Remote-Access, the administrators shall
    enable their system to be accessed remotely through phone line.

  • The remotely accessed functions shall include exporting of data to a distant server for safekeeping.

Vehicle Occupancy Detection System
  • For big parks or zoos like safari which allows visitors to enter into the park by driving through or by park vehicle such as buses or vans, fraud problem tends to be an issue that needs to be aware of.

  • To solve such problem, GS-GET is able to support a vehicle occupancy detection system whereby the system will be able to detect how many people are there in the vehicle by scanning through it.

  • It is able to recognize the number of people and this will ensure that all visitors are authorized and allowed into the park with actual admission rates.

  • The device provide real-time information which allows the staff or management of the park to have the correct information ensuring maximized revenue.

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