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GS-FMS (Global Soft™ Facility Management System) is a computerized control, planning and maintenance management information solution covering essential functions such as preventive maintenance, work orders, inventory control, personnel scheduling and capacity planning. GS-FMS is a powerful tool for efficient maintenance services while improving the overall productivity and minimizing maintenance cost.

GS-FMS also allows fixed asset tracking and depreciation calculation that can be easily integrated into Global Soft's suite of software solutions including the GS-ERP (Global Soft™ Enterprise Resource Planning) system that includes its Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail and Human Resource/Payroll systems. GS-FMS is fully scalable & expandable to a fully integrated solution.

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Asset Module

Asset Management / Tracking
  • Link assets to location by companies and branches
  • Display full Asset Tree for easy allocation & identification
  • Full Maintenance History including Cost
  • Depreciation facility (Straight Line and Reducing Depreciation)
  • Asset transfer and disposal tracking
  • Sub-Asset and BOM Structure

Maintenance Module

Work Request
Work Order Management
  • Request Online
  • Approve Online and transfer automatically into Work Orders
  • Instantly notify maintenance of new work requests
  • Keep track of Request and related Work Order status
  • E-mail Request possible
  • Automatically generates new Work Order from unfinished work sequences when work order is closed
  • Work Order dispatch based on Parts availability
  • Automatically updates the Work Order status when required parts have been received
  • Full integration in Capacity planning and rescheduling
  • Detailed report function for Trouble Shooting Reports and Downtime Record
  • Automated Part Assignment to Work Orders when requesting Parts from Warehouse
Preventive Maintenance Resource & Capacity Planning
  • Set Up Standard Preventive Maintenance including work sequences and replaceable parts for your Assets
  • Preventive maintenance automatically generates work order based on preventive maintenance interval setting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Meter)
  • FMS dynamically updates the Preventive Maintenance schedule based on the real completion date
  • Automatically issue Part requisition based on the Preventive Maintenance schedule
  • Preventive Task Library for efficient set up
  • Calculates hours required to perform preventive maintenance
  • Employee Duty Roster including Skill Set and Shift assignment
  • Automatically calculates the Resource Capacity for every shift and skill set
  • Auto Loads all outstanding Work Orders into Monthly planning
  • Calculates available Hours and Balance hours for every day
  • Overview of all Work Orders and easy rescheduling

Inventory Management

Purchasing System
  • Multiple Suppliers per Part including Price List
  • Purchase History with average cost update
  • Minimum Stock Level and Reorder Quantity
  • Inward and Outward Adjustment including Stockcount
  • Transfer and request parts from multiple Locations
  • Stock movement analysis
  • Update inventory according to accomplished work orders
  • Automatic Purchase Suggestion based on Work Order Part assignment
  • Automatic transfer of Purchase Suggestion into Purchase Requisition
  • Online Purchase Approval and transfer into Purchase Order
  • Receiving goods
  • Managing Suppliers and Purchasing History
  • Automatic numbering for all Purchasing transactions (PR, PO etc.)
  • Viewing of reports on transactions done


Import / Export
  • Compatibility with MS Excel™
  • Automatic numbering for Work Request, Work Order, Service Report and Preventive Maintenance
  • Automatic Transaction numbers for any kind of Transaction for reference
Language Convertion Barcode
  • Available in English and Mandarin
  • User Defined Language adjustments
  • Other Languages on request
  • Label Printing for Parts and Asset
  • Barcode on Work Orders for Parts assignment


Asset Reports
Maintenance Report
  • Asset Cost Reports
  • Asset History Reports
  • Asset Transfer Reports
  • Asset BOM
  • Asset Depreciation Reports
  • Downtime Reports on Equipment
  • Failure Reports on Equipment by Failure Categories
  • Meantime Between Failure Reports by Equipment
    and Parts (MTBF)
  • Work Order History and Cost Reports
  • Employee Performance Reports
  • Work and Capacity Planning Reports
Inventory Report Purchasing Report
  • Reorder Reports
  • Stock movement Reports
  • Stock value Reports
  • Purchase Requisition Reports
  • Purchase Order by Supplier Reports
  • Supplier History Reports

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