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Global Soft™ combines innovative technologies with extensive product functionality to deliver one of the most powerful, flexible and state-of-the-art Manufacturing Solution available today. Unlike many other vendors offering closed, proprietary hardware and software technology, Global Soft™ uses only off-the-shelf technology to deliver a true open systems solution. Global Soft™ is built on an open systems architecture to give you the freedom to choose the hardware and software solutions which best meet your business needs.

Client / Server Architecture
You will experience enormous productivity and performance benefits because our software is designed to run in a client / server environment taking full advantage of distribution processing, data integrity and maximum throughput.

Our unique Client / Server approach views the Customer as a user, not a machine. As responsibilities shift downward towards Customers, our Solutions are designed to empower Users to make fast and accurate decisions. We focus on making the Customers jobs easier by providing simplified applications with robust functionality and direct access to valuable information from anywhere in the enterprise.

In addition to provide you with a robust set of features and functions that are very powerful and easy to use, we can also customize our applications to meet your specific requirements.

Global Soft™ will continue to provide flexible software solutions that help you maintain your competitive edge. You won't need to worry about integrating new technology. We will do that for you. We seamlessly integrate with the latest technology to provide a software solution consistent with your changing business needs.


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Global Soft™'s Finance and Distribution
This comprehensive accounting package is designed and built to meet simple accounting fundamentals, and when it is required, our Solution is scalable to meet high enterprise-wide accounting requirements. The modules in this area include:

  • General Ledger System
  • Debtor Ledger System / Accounts Receivable
  • Creditor Ledger System / Accounts Payabale
  • Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inventory Control System
  • Purchase Control System
  • Sale Control System
  • Purchase Pricing System
  • Lot Tracking System

Global Soft™'s Manufacturing System
This application is built to meet the manufacturing requirements of today's manufacturers. Comprising of 5 modules that are fully integrated to our Financial and Distribution Solutions, its a complete business information system built to increase our Customer's effectiveness and efficiency as well as improving productivity.

The Modules includes:

  • Bill Of Materials - Master Setup
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Master Production Scheduling


  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Production Costing System
As this Solution is built on a common open platform, we would be able to provide customizations and integration as and when necessary. This would also ensure that our Customers investments are protected.

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