Global Care Line : +603-7875 6066/2689
Global Care Fax : +603-7863 0110
Global Care Email : gcare@globalsoft.com.my

Global Care (GCare) provides you various ways of communication to make it easier for you to contact us when support is needed. You have the options of getting in touch with us through calling the Gcare line, fax in, email or form submission through our website.

The GCare line is a customer service help desk for all Global Soft’s customers. We would like to advice you to make full use of our GCare facility as opposed to calling our support personnel directly as GCare service calls would be given top priority. The GCare direct line is available from Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm. Our trained and experienced Public Relations Officer handles calls from the GCare line. Upon contacting our GCare officers, you would be provided with a GCare reference number. This number will be able to update you on the progress/status of the problem in a timely manner. Should you require further information on the GCare services, please do not hesitate to contact our Public Relations Officer.

GCare Flow

  1. Customers communicate for request* (s) via phone, fax, email or web
  2. Automatically forwards to help desk
  3. Requests* are recorded into log book in GCare system
  4. Relevent personnels rectify the request*
  5. Update GCare system on status of customers request*
  6. Inform customer with the current status of requests*
  7. End of process

* Any kind of query, help, errors, problems or support needed.

GCare Online Support

Should existing customers of Global Soft have any query on our software, you can post your queries here for our on-line support.

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